Luke Turnell
Managing Director
As Managing Director, Luke is responsible for ensuring the strategy and structure of the ISAS floor is effectively set up to drive growth.

With 20 years of education marketing and student recruitment experience, working both for Universities and as an external consultant, Luke has the advantage of having approached the issues facing international student recruitment from 'both sides of the fence'. Having worked with more than 500 universities from 50 different countries, he also has a thorough knowledge of student markets on a genuinely global basis.

Luke also serves on the Board at BigChoice Group Ltd; the umbrella company that powers ISAS.
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Simon Andrews
Founder & CEO
Simon founded BigChoice Group in 2009 and in 2011 he launched ISAS as part of a new service offering. ISAS is driven by empowering young people, and preparing them for tomorrow's choices about their education and career needs.

ISAS has developed a large pool of prospects looking to study abroad through its support and guidance service. Having this resource has enables the company to build tailored solutions to universities and colleges across the world that allows them to fulfil their international student admissions goals.

Due to its accelerated growth and development, ISAS became a company in its own right in 2016. As Chief Executive Officer, Simon ensures that the service his company delivers to both students and education providers is of the highest standard.

Simon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Bournemouth University.
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Jihna Gavilanes
Vice President
International Admissions
In 2015, Jihna joined ISAS as the Vice President of the World Admissions Centre, based in Ecuador. To support her day-to-day activities, she speaks a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and survival Japanese.

Jihna has 18 years of experience in international student admissions, working with Higher Education Institutions, Universities, Governments, Embassies, Education Agencies, Agents, Exhibition Organizers, service-learning placements in over 40+ agencies, study abroad advising, scholarships and international funding programs.

Prior to joining ISAS, Jihna has been proactive in facilitating intercultural and orientation programs to international students. Her career started as an assistant advisor at the International Office at Universidad Espiritu Santo (UEES) in Ecuador in 1999 and later transitioned to Outbound Co-ordinator. By 2012, she became Director for International Relations. Jihna designed, created and developed the International Office at Universidad Ecotec, UEES sister institution.
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Valeria Villa
Manager of Operations
Valeria manages the ISAS admissions team in the World Admissions Centre, based in Ecuador. Her responsibility is to ensure excellence and build communication plans for the recruitment of new students to the ISAS database.

Having been an international student herself as part of a study abroad program in South Korea, Valeria has a genuine drive to help the students that they speak to in order to support them in fulfilling their potential to have a better future.

Valeria has a Management in International Projects degree at Espíritu Santo University and a Master of Arts in Politics and international Relations at Keele University, where she was awarded the Postgraduate Dissertation Prize. This international education experience she's gained has led her to master several languages and become multi-lingual. She speaks Spanish, English, French, Korean, Japanese and survival Dutch.
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David Boxall
Operations Director
David is responsible for directing the operational activities on behalf of ISAS and continuously developing the product to drive innovation. His role requires him to think from both the student and client perspective in order to ensure that the service ISAS provides remains competitive in the international student admissions field.

David was promoted to Operations Director in 2016. Previous to this role, Dave was Head of Marketing & Client Services at ISAS for five years where he managed a team responsible for the deployment and execution of all client international digital campaigns. This included the design of micro-sites, emails and suggestions of how to improve engagement with ISAS's student audience.

David has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Southampton.
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Mike Fish
Account Manager Director
Mike has been a Director of ISAS since 2011. He leads the delivery of account management and professional services to all clients. His duty is to ensure that the company operates at best practice and delivers maximum ROI for university and college clients.

Mike also serves on the Board at BigChoice Group Ltd; the umbrella company that powers ISAS.
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